The Andrews Study Bible has been prepared with the mind of a scholar, the heart of a pastor, and the passion of an evangelist.
– Mark Finley, world evangelist

This will quickly become your favorite Bible.
– John Nixon, Senior Pastor, Collegedale Church of Seventh–day Adventists

The Andrews Study Bible aligns the best of scholarship with a fierce devotion to the sacredness of the text. It will bless both scholar and lay reader with a wealth of doctrinal, theological, and homiletical insights. 
– Leslie N. Pollard, President, Oakwood University

The learning of many Seventh–day Adventist scholars is here condensed into readable relevant notes that bring biblical passages to life.
– Gordon Bietz, President, Southern Adventist University

This is a very practical tool for anyone wishing a deeper understanding of the Bible and a more intimate walk with the Lord God.  But beyond usefulness, it is an outstanding example of what faithful, spiritual scholarship is all about. 
– Tom Lemon, Vice President for Administration, Mid–America Union Conference

The study notes found in the Andrews Study Bible are almost certain to delight longtime scholars, serious students and even new believers. They are clear and concise, yet detailed enough to answer questions and truly enhance Bible study.
– Mark A. Kellner, News Editor, Adventist Review/Adventist World

This study Bible brings light and depth to the context of Scripture, enriching our awareness of truth.
– Terry Newmyer, President and CEO, St. Helena Region, Adventist Health

This is a study Bible whose notes take the word of God comprehensively, accurately and clearly, and do not attempt to explain away God’s word to fit human traditions. It is a tremendous asset to the ministry field worker and the home reader alike.
– Ray Hartwell, President, Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh–day Adventists

Praise for the Andrews Study Bible—an excellent and practical presentation that will engage minds and transform lives.”
– Weymouth Spence, President, Washington Adventist University

For both scholars and ordinary readers, this Andrews Study Bible is an idea whose time has come.  It is a convenient and useful source of biblical understanding from our unique perspective.
– Richard H. Hart, President, Loma Linda University

No matter what your level of skill may be with Bible study, you will find this to be a valuable resource. I have.
– Fred Kinsey, Speaker/Director, Voice of Prophecy, and President, Adventist Media Center

This excellent tool will be of benefit to novice and scholar alike.  I am confident that many will discover the amazing treasures of God's marvelous grace and endless love through their study of this book.
– Mike Tucker, Speaker/Director, Faith for Today

This is the finest gift to any serious Bible student.  The Andrews Study Bible receives my highest recommendation.
– Derek Morris, Editor, Ministry

Amazing!  Wherever the reader begins, the destination is always the truth about God.
– Robert S. Folkenberg, Sr., Director, ShareHim

The Andrews Study Bible meets the highest standards of scriptural investigation; it is carefully researched, clearly written and abundantly illustrated. I am placing it at the top of my list of similar volumes offered the modern day reader.
– Calvin B. Rock, Retired Vice President, General Conference

The finest Adventist scholarship guides the reader to a clear understanding of biblical truth. It’s like a year of Seminary studies bound in a single volume.
– Max C. Torkelsen II, President, North Pacific Union Conference

The Andrews Study Bible is an outstanding work with excellent study tools and is exactly what is needed at this time of earth's history. I would like to see every Seventh–day Adventist around the world have access to this wonderful resource.
– Don Noble, President, Maranatha Volunteers International

An all–star cast of Adventist scholars has written a superbly useful tool for students of the Bible in the present time.
– Raoul Dederen, Former Dean, Seventh–day Adventist Theological Seminary